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Illustrated by Stella Mongodi

Published by Ethicool Books

Themes:  hope, fear, the importance of reading, friendship

Far above the world, Hope the dragon somersaults through the sky, protecting those below.  But he encounters a formidable opponent in Fear.  Fear proves no match for Hope, until he meets a curious character, The Reader.  And it's inside The Reader's vast library that Hope finds what he's looking for, plus much more...

"If there's a problem, the answer is in a book.  An important reminder about the pivotal importance of learning and reading."  - Get.Kids.Booked

"More stunning artwork, coupled with a really unique and intriguing story." - The Quiet Librarian

"I love this illustrator! Such a magical book." - Bookworm Mom 

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Feeling Hopeful cover.jpg
Illustrations © 2023 Stella Mongodi
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