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Laura is a children’s author.  In 2022, she won the Bee Ethicool author contest, which received over five thousand entries.  Laura’s debut picture book, Feeling Hopeful, is out now with Ethicool Books.  


As an Australian living in Chile, Laura loves writing imaginative children’s books that make you feel local, and think global.  In other words, she hopes her books can help you connect and reflect.  Laura has a background in Education, and is passionate about sharing her books with children and educators around the world.  

Laura lives beneath the Andes mountain range in Santiago, Chile with her husband and cheeky cat.  She is fascinated by the natural world and industrious bugs like bees and the worms in her compost; but is equally into fantasy worlds and thinks witches often get a bad rap!  Aside from books, Laura loves house plants, boots, chocolate, and cringey 80s rock music.  Writing for children fills her with energy and joy. 

An illustration of author Laura Wippell sitting in her office, surrounded by her favourite things and writing.

Just in case you were thinking Laura only exists in illustrations...  Here she is!

A headshot of author Laura Wippell looking directly at the camera.
Author Laura Wippell writing in her notebook.
Author Laura Wippell sitting in front of her bookshelf with her cat.
Photos © 2023 Daniela Siñuela
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